Help Wanted

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” Psalm 46:1.

Yesterday, I saw something beautiful about my God. I saw His intimate involvement in the details of my daily life. I saw, as the verse says, that He is so “there” when I need Him (which is all the time!)- for both the big and little issues I face.

A mom wears a lot of hats. Yesterday morning, I was forced to put on my “referee hat” as two of my babes reached an impasse with one another. At first, I felt angry. I was hurt that they were both hurting. And I felt like running away, instead of trudging through the mire of details, because I just didn’t know how to resolve the problem.  Two different stories, two different sets of feelings, and lots of frustration!

I don’t know why I often try to handle these situations on my own. I guess I just don’t take time to stop and look outside of myself. I’m so caught up in my “to do’s” that I just want to work it out quickly and get back to what is really less important anyway. And I end up treating symptoms instead of addressing what’s causing the conflict in the first place. But yesterday was different. Yesterday, I dropped to my knees in desperation and prayed for help. I admitted that I couldn’t change these little hearts and I didn’t know how to fix this. In the moments that followed, the Holy Spirit enabled me to see an underlying root problem, and showed me which direction to take in talking with my little ones. We had such a sweet conversation. All the anger dissipated into forgiveness. How grateful I was for my God’s “very present help.”

That evening, God was again “very present” in my need. This time, the problem was so much smaller. (In fact, I feel silly even writing about it!) As I bathed my littlest one, we reached the part of her bath we both dread…rinsing her hair. She HATES water in her face, but won’t keep her head back and screams if I lay her down in the water. I prayed again for wisdom, and then I noticed the piggy bath glove sitting with the washcloths. Baby Girl was very willing to let piggy help her tip her head back and wipe the water from her eyes. No tears! Bath time actually ended on a happy note! I think piggy will be joining us for every bath from now on!

Isn’t it awesome that the God who spoke the universe into existence, who has a name for the countless stars (Psalm 147:4), who breathed life into dust and made human beings (Genesis 1-2)…this God cares about the smallest details of His children’s lives? He WANTS us to come to Him over and over and over again. Maybe that’s part of what it means to abide in Him (John 15). Maybe that’s how we bear fruit that will last (John 15:16). Maybe that’s what “acknowledging Him in all my ways” looks like (Proverbs 3:5-6).

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