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Slowing Down

Saturday is our family’s favorite day of the week.

From Sunday through Friday, we’re busy with school, work, church, sports, music, playdates, and the general busyness which accompanies family life.

But on Saturday, we take a breath.

waffles-2190961_1280 We eat waffles for breakfast and the kids listen to radio adventures on a local Christian station. Most Saturdays, very little gets done until at least lunchtime. Sometimes the whole day is “unproductive” (as far as my to-do list is concerned).

But in reality, a lot happens on Saturday…(For the rest of the story, head over to Just 18 Summers.)

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2 thoughts on “Slowing Down”

  1. Excellent post and advice for anyone. Especially families with children going this way and that way in activities. My husband and I do a Saturday night homemade pizza and when our son was born we continued the tradition. He grew up helping in the kitchen and making his own little pizza pie😊 Good for you on teaching your children to rest and appreciate the blessings of family.

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