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When Depression Moves In

What happened to my joy?

The question tugged at the corners of my soul as I trudged through each day. A dark cloud hovered over every waking moment. And sleep? That was a struggle, too. I had one bed-wetter and another child with night-terrors, so the sleep I did get was often fragmented and restless.

How I hated mornings. I dreaded facing a new day.

How can I be a good mom when I feel so sad, so weary, so…depressed?

(For the rest of the story, hop over to CBN where I’m sharing today about my walk through depression and the hope I’ve found along the way.)

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and welcome you to join the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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7 thoughts on “When Depression Moves In”

  1. Very timely! I appreciate you sharing this.
    I lived in the deep pit of depression for almost 40 years. I regret that my older children did not have a happy mother. They had a mother who believed the lies of the enemy. Many factors brought me out of that dark lonely place…too many to tell in a post. BUT Praise the LORD I am free. I have to be on guard though daily so not to fall into that pit again..once I start falling I spiral..and it is excruciating to climb out. Depression is complicated…and the battle begins and ends in the mind. I found that only JESUS can break the bondage of depression but I have to be willing to let him.


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