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Lessons from a People Mover

It’s funny what kids remember.

“Mama, remember the time when we sat next to the elevator and ate a cookie?” My son smiled as he repeated the story.

metro-1354665_1920He must have been four or five when we took that afternoon outing to the mall. We started out at the play place, then headed to the food court for a candy-filled cookie, sitting next to the glassed-in elevator as we ate.

My little man stared in awe. I marveled that a people-mover could be so fascinating. He studied it ever so carefully, trying to figure out exactly how it worked. He wanted to ride it a few times, but just watching it seemed to thrill him the most.

Fast forward several years, and he still recalls that day with affection.

Such a little thing – a simple date which cost all of five dollars, a mom who didn’t understand his fascination with elevators but loved watching her son learn, and a memory he still seems to treasure.

It’s funny what kids remember…

For the rest of the story, including tips on cultivating an atmosphere of love in our homes, hop over to Just18Summers.


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