I’m so glad you’re here.

In the middle of our chaos, cutting through the noise of busy lives and restless souls, there echoes an invitation.

Can you hear it?

Like a fresh breeze on a summer day, a Voice beckons us to come close and be still. To stop with our striving and trying so hard to be enough. To quit performing, and just rest.

As a both a recovering good girl and a busy mom, I know the exhaustion of trying to do all the things. The wife and mom things. The homemaker things. The good friend things. The writer things. The church member things. The spiritual discipline things.

I also know the futility of building my identity in those places.

Ironically, it took the crumbling of my good girl life for me to discover that soul rest really is possible. To learn that I can walk through each busy day with a peace-filled heart because of Jesus and the relationship I have with Him through faith.

And yet, though I’ve found rest in God, sometimes I still grow restless. Life has a way of unsettling our souls, of leaving us panting for breath on the sidelines while everyone else rushes past in their own busyness.

That’s why God invites us to return. To slow down, catch our breath, and remember His goodness and grace.

“Return to your rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.” 

Psalm 116:7

This is what I love to write about – finding rest at our core and carrying it with us into our everyday lives. And about coming back to that place of peace when our hearts grow weary or forget.

Sometimes I write about soul rest in our homes, lived out as we cultivate relationships and create spaces of peace and joy. Other times I write about soul rest in our own…well, souls. In those innermost places where we interact with God and with ourselves, where faith is shaped and identity is formed.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. Whether you’re a busy mom, a worn-out good girl, or a weary traveler looking for a quiet spot to breathe, I invite you press pause, catch your breath, and join the conversation.

Resting in Jesus,

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