Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

“Congratulations on turning 65!”

I stared in disbelief at the letter I had just received from a life insurance company. I looked at the envelope again. Yup, it was addressed to me. Sixty-five? That’s decades away! I laughed and tossed the letter in the trash.

Sixty-fivesoonA few weeks later, I got an invitation to an informational dinner hosted by an assisted living community. Then came another letter regarding my supposed upcoming 65th birthday. Each piece of correspondence was from a different source. What seemed at first like a crazy fluke began to hoist proverbial “red flags” in my mind.

Has someone stolen my identity?

Then I looked more closely at the intended recipient – it was addressed to me, but with my maiden name. Memories crashed into my mind like a flash flood. About fifteen years ago, when I was single, my identity was stolen. It took months to unravel the mess and clear my name. I wonder, could this senior citizen mistake be somehow related?

Protecting one’s identity is of great importance, and mine was in question.

In the spiritual realm, a similar crisis exists for every single believer. Our enemy, called “the accuser” in Revelation 12:10, is constantly telling us lies about our identity. He wants us to believe that we aren’t really that different from our old selves apart from Christ.


New Creation

He loves to remind us of past sins – or even of present sin struggles. His web of deception can easily entangle us if we believe his lies.

Just as I am neither 65 nor single, I am also not the same person I was without Jesus – and neither are you, fellow Jesus-lover. When the Holy Spirit takes up residence in a believer:

  • He breathes life into a formerly dead spirit.
  • He breaks the chains of addictive sin.
  • He adopts us into His family and calls us beloved.
  • He forgives every sin and cancels the record of charges against us.
  • He makes us more than conquerors
  • He begins a transforming work that He will be faithful to complete.

God defines our identity – not the accuser, not other people, not our feelings, not our circumstances.

Much is at stake here. For just as identity theft damages its victims, so we will miss the riches of God’s work in us if we believe Satan’s lies about our identity.

Victorious Christian living and intimacy with Christ hinge upon knowing and believing the truth. And when we know this truth, astounding freedom will be our reality (John 8:32).

Now it’s your turn! What lies have you believed about your identity? What aspects of your new identity in Christ are most exciting to you? Please join the conversation!

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What’s So Good?

Good Friday…Seems a strange title for history’s darkest day.

The Righteous Judge condemned in a mock trial. Truth himself falsely accused. Love hated. The Savior rejected. The King stripped and despised.

Healer of the deaf heard “Crucify Him!” Creation’s Creator felt thorns on his brow. Hands that fed thousands took nails for those fed. Whips tore his flesh who created all flesh.

The Maker murdered by the work of his hands.

The Sinless One became sin, and the Father turned His back. All the shame and the pain, all the ugliness of hell taken by the Lamb who was slain.

Creation groaned as darkness seemed to extinguish the Light.

Sometimes good looks undeniably not good. But…

But – such a powerful word. It tells us there’s more to the story.

But darkness can never conquer Light.

But death cannot hold the Resurrection and the Life.

But grace is greater than all my sin.

Mercy triumphs over judgment. Forgiveness was purchased on Friday’s cruel cross.

Grace wins.

Good Friday is good because Sunday is coming. God has the final word. And all he does is good.

The cross was not an accident. Not a rescue plan gone awry. No kidnapped King. No victim of tragedy. No, the cross was the plan. From the creation of the world, this was God’s idea. He knew his beloved ones would rebel, and he knew the price he would pay for our redemption. He also knew death would not be the end.

So he willingly went to the cross. He poured out his love as He poured his blood. He paid the price for our sins–all of them, for every person who believes.

Then on Sunday morning he robbed death of its sting and the grave of its victory. With all the power that created life, he recreated life in his dead body. And he lives today, never to die again.

Because of the cross and the empty grave, this is our inheritance as followers of Jesus:

  • Our sins are forgiven, and all the righteousness of Jesus is credited to us.
  • We have peace with God. Closeness with our Creator is now possible.
  • We are dead to our old life– completely new creations.
  • Sin is no longer our master, and neither is the law.
  • We never have to fear God’s wrath because Jesus took it all for us.
  • We need not fear death.
  • We have an enduring hope.
  • A heavenly inheritance awaits.

This weekend, may the beauty of the cross and the love of our Savior captivate our hearts and minds. We are loved! We are treasured! We are redeemed!

What are your thoughts on “Good Friday”? How has the cross brought good to your life?