I Let It Go – Now What?

The perfect girl is gone, and everyone knows it. Now what?

It’s awful when your babies are sick. Last week, my little one had an ear infection and a fever of 104.7. We did lots of cuddling, cool rags on the head, Tylenol and Motrin, and texting with the doctor.

And watching movies.

Having two daughters, we naturally like princess movies. (My poor boy puts up with them!) Usually they are just fun fairy tales with little value beyond entertainment. Disney’s Frozen, however, seems to be an exception. This tale of two sisters has some pretty incredible spiritual gems hidden inside. Will you come on a treasure hunt with me?


Big sister Elsa is a very unique girl. She has the ability to freeze things. The trouble is, fear has frozen her own heart. Early in life she retreats into a “good girl” shell where no one really knows her – not the real Elsa. She has mastered the art of disguise, steeling herself from even her own emotions. Fear blinds her and keeps her from knowing love. But when a turn of events reveals her secret, she “lets it all go” – that good girl facade, all the pretending, the life of playing it safe. She runs to the mountains, trading in one form of isolation for another. Finally, she thinks, I’ve conquered my fear!

She throws off restraint and sets out to discover what she’s capable of achieving. She revels in self-expression and vows never to return to her old life. So this is freedom.

Her freedom is short-lived, however. She finds that looking within for security and fulfillment is just as devastating as hiding.

By the end of the movie, Elsa learns that only one thing can overcome fear and melt an icy heart – true love. Her sister Anna lays down her life for Elsa out of love. That love melts Elsa’s heart and from that moment forward, Elsa is compelled by love rather than driven by fear.

This story resonates with me. I know the good girl life. I know what it’s like to be driven by fear. Fear of displeasing people. Fear of disappointing God. Fear of failure. It’s exhausting. My identity, like Elsa’s, was was fragile – built on performance and the shifting tides of emotion. But also like Elsa, my heart was melted by an act of true love.

Jesus laid down His life for us Рwe who had broken His heart and were the source of His pain. By that act of true love, we can have forgiveness, freedom from fear and new life through faith in Jesus (Rom 5:8, 6:23, 10:9-13, John 3:16,). Once we realize how deeply and unconditionally we are loved, we have an unshakeable foundation for inner peace and security.

There is no need to pretend. No need to hide. No need to impress.


It’s okay for people to see our weaknesses because that’s where God’s loving power takes the spotlight. We are free to love others as an overflow of God’s love for us. When our needs are met in Jesus, we find freedom in our relationships because we are no longer looking to others to fulfill or validate us.

You, child of God, are loved.

Let it go – all the pretending, all the wrestling, all the fear, all the searching for fulfillment. You are loved! Rest in His love…relentless, unchanging, satisfying, empowering. You are free to love God and others from the overflow, even if your love is not returned by the people around you. God’s love for you is secure. Let it lead you.

How does love enable you to “let it go?”