When Life Blindsides You


It came out of nowhere, that unidentified flying creature.


Something flew out of the darkness

Out of the dark, into my personal space, it hit me on the shoulder and bounced off before flying back into the night. I ducked and ran for the car, then sat stunned in the passenger seat. I tried to slow my breathing and calm my racing heart.

What had just happened?

I replayed the 30-second escapade in my mind’s eye. Hubby and I were on our way to catch a late-night movie. He had walked out of the house first, then ducked suddenly when something brushed his face as it flew by. He was slightly shaken – it’s unnerving to collide with something in the dark. But it was gone. We were fine.

Then, as I walked toward the car, I encountered the…thing.

It was creepy. Startling. Unsettling.


The unidentified flying creature flew at me from the darkness.

We decided it must have been a bat. (I shuttered as I typed that!)

That crazy, short-lived event reminds me of life in general. Sometimes we’re blindsided by unexplainable events, sidelined by a change of circumstances, or frightened by things outside of our control.

It’s easy to become fearful, discouraged or bitter when life doesn’t turn out how we hoped.

That’s why I’m grateful that our God is a Rock – both to anchor my feet when everything else is shifting unpredictably, and to be a hiding place for my soul when life’s storms threaten to engulf me. I love the following verse:

“And He will be the stability of your times, a wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the Lord is (our) treasure” (Is 33:6).

Life is unstable. But God never changes.

The One we call Father is the same God who was faithful to Abraham. The same God who did wonders through Moses. The same God who wove goodness into the tragic events of Joseph’s life.

He was David’s Protector, Solomon’s Wisdom, Elijah’s Provider, Daniel’s Strength.

He is still the Way, the Truth, the Life, Living Water, Hope for the hurting, Healer to the broken.

His grace was enough for Paul, and it’s just as sufficient today.

stability of my times

Our unchanging Rock

I’m so grateful for a God who remains the same through all the changes of my life.

How about you? How does God’s eternal nature give you hope and courage? I’d love to hear! Please join the conversation!



  1. paynefulponderings

    Thank you for the second reminder this week that God controls all changes in our lives even though He does not change.

  2. Sandra Lovelace

    The eternal nature of God’s healing gives me hope and courage. While I experience His tender ministrations in this life, I look ahead to the complete restoration that awaits in heaven. Hallelujah


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