When Life Hurts


by Meredith Mills


Sometimes life is really hard.

As a nation, we’ve experienced some tragic events lately – from the Las Vegas massacre to hurricanes and wild fires leaving destruction in their wake.


Closer to home, several dear friends lost loved ones in the last few weeks. We attended one funeral on Saturday – a dearly loved husband and father. Unexpected. Much too soon. Today, my husband played piano for yet another funeral – a beloved wife of nearly 59 years. Still too soon.

So much pain and heartache. Such enormous needs.

Many of us carry “smaller” burdens, concerns we voice to no one. Fears that plague us when we’re all alone. Important to us, nonetheless.

Whether your needs are immense or you carry less-big burdens today, my prayer for you is this:

May you find hope in the presence of God who promises it won’t always be this way.

May His love be a balm to your soul.

May you know the healing power of the One who is also acquainted with grief.

May His nearness be your ever-present comfort.

May He enter your loneliness and whisper words of tender affection.

May He give beauty for your ashes and be the stability of your soul.

May His grace be your lifeline,

His wisdom your next step,

His love the very breath that you breathe.

In Jesus may you find rest and healing for your soul.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” Ps 46:1.

refuge and strength

What burdens do you carry today? I’d be honored to pray for you – please leave a comment below.

How has God been a refuge and very present help for you in the past?

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  1. Hope

    Our dear friends lost their daughter in law in a car accident in Augusta on Friday night. Please pray for their entire family. Their son, Blake, needs lots of prayer as he figures out how to ‘do life’ without his earthly partner… and how to raise his 2 young boys without their sweet mother.
    Their daughter, Kristina, is in the hospital fighting hard for her own life! Please pray for a full recovery so she can be there for her own young daughter. She is a single mom.
    Their youngest daughter, Kenna, was behind them in another car and saw the accident happen. She already struggles with crippling depression and anxiety. Pray that what she saw can be wiped away from her mind… and that she can take those thoughts and images captive and turn them towards Jesus!
    Please pray for the entire Mitchell, Hanson, Hamilton family. These are some of our dearest friends and my heart breaks for them!!

  2. DazzledByTheSon

    Oh, Hope – I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine the pain they’re walking through right now. Thank you for sharing. I’m praying for their precious family right now.

  3. Ashlyn

    Things have been so busy recently. I can’t seem to get ahead. Thankful for patience from loved ones and from the Lord. I guess I’m in need of wisdom and grace. Having trouble giving grace to myself. Just feel overwhelmed and having trouble processing things…then my reactions to my favorite people are not always great.

    • DazzledByTheSon

      Thank you for sharing, Ashlyn. Praying for you right now – that God will speak peace into your chaos and help you extend the grace to yourself that He’s lavished on you!

  4. cherryberry51

    Precious & compassionate words, Dear Meredith!

  5. Sandra Allen Lovelace

    That’s the best fortress image I’ve ever seen for the protection God gives.
    And some powerful insights to go along with it. Thank you. <3

  6. Eliza

    I’m not interested in God at the moment but your post was comforting.
    Thanks for sharing

    • DazzledByTheSon

      Eliza, thank you so much for commenting. So glad you found comfort here.


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