Celebrating God’s Hidden Gifts

Celebrating God’s Hidden Gifts

Can I tell you something crazy?

I’m not a fan of summer. (Sorry, Olaf.)

Oh, I love the change in our routine. I enjoy the slower pace, the grilling out, the extra time for hanging with family and friends.

But I don’t like the heat. At all. I hate getting sweaty. I dislike slathering up with sunscreen. I nearly cringe at coating everyone with bugspray. If it weren’t for my kids, I’d probably stay indoors most of the summer. In fact, I even have difficulty enjoying our beautiful Southern springtime because I’m dreading the onset of summer.

Crazy, I know.

My oldest made a comment recently which stopped me in my tracks, causing me to take a long look at how I’m spending my mental, emotional, and even spiritual energy. She said that, while she doesn’t like being hot, she loves the feeling of stepping out of the heat into a cold house.

Such a little, everyday thing. But she celebrates it as a built-in happy spot in the middle of her hot, summer day.

I wonder…how many of God’s gifts are hiding in my everyday?

When days are hard, when difficult seasons are long – are there grace-filled blessings in the middle of the struggle which I walk right past because I’m focused on what I wish wasn’t’ there?

Like gems hiding in plain sight, God’s kindness is all around us (Psalm 31:19).

“In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

1 Thessalonians 5:18

This short little verse implies that, in every situation, gifts from God are present for which we can be thankful.


We’ll never face a moment where His grace is absent.

In every situation He’s working for our good (Romans 8:28).

Woven through each day are tokens of His affection and reminders of His kindness – even when life is at its worst. We don’t readily see these things, but if we ask, He’ll show us how He’s surrounding us with His love.

What are you facing today that’s uncomfortable? Maybe your struggle is more than uncomfortable. Maybe it’s downright gut-wrenching. Will you join me in asking God to open our eyes to His gifts in the middle of it all?

May He show us where He’s working and teach our hearts to celebrate His good gifts– even when it’s crazy hot outside.

How do you take note of God’s goodness? Comment below to join the conversation!

When I Forget…God is Faithful

When I Forget…God is Faithful

by Meredith Mills @DazzledByTheSon


At Your feet again I fall, my Lord,

        Confessing the same old sin.

Once again I’ve failed. I’ve fallen down.

        How unfaithful I’ve been!

How could You keep on loving me?

How could Your mercy go that deep?


Your faithfulness, O God, 

        Is more than I ever dared to dream.

It’s deeper than all the deepest seas,

        Greater than anything I’ve seen.

I stand in awe of You

        For who You are and what You do

For all of the things You’ve brought me through.

You have been faithful, Lord. 


That song, I wrote it 15 years ago, yet it’s as true of me today as it was back then. I still run back to the same sins. I still forget what God has done and falter in faithless unbelief. I still panic when pressures mount and doubt when the impossible stares me in the face.

It seems I’m in good company, though.

Jesus’ own disciples were pretty forgetful, too. Shortly after watching their Master feed 5000+ hungry people with just five loaves and two fish (Mark 6), they had a déjà vu experience – lots of hungry people (4000 this time), only one lunch, and 12 clueless disciples trying to figure out how to feed everyone (Mark 8).

Now, as the reader, I’m a little irritated with Jesus’ friends at this point. I mean, come on. Jesus just multiplied bread and fish a few days ago. Are you so quick to forget? Aren’t you thrilled about your impossible situation? It’s the perfect set-up for a miracle!

But no, you’re questioning how to feed all those people. Looking to your own resources again. Telling Jesus how impossible things are.

I’m irritated, until God gets personal.

I’ve seen God provide when we had no idea where the money would come from. I’ve watched Him heal broken relationships when I was at odds with a friend. I’ve received wisdom when I was clueless and direction when I was lost. I’ve experienced His deliverance from depression and spiritual attack.

I’ve got history with God!

But I still forget. So compassion replaces irritation as I continue reading the story.

Jesus patiently repeats the process – asking the disciples what they’re going to do about all these needy people, telling them to take inventory, receiving what they bring, blessing it and putting it back into their hands. And once again, they do the impossible because their God hasn’t changed. He’s still a Miracle Worker. He’s still their Provider.


You have been faithful, Lord!

He’s still faithful. Always faithful.

Even when they doubt, He’s faithful.

Even when they question, He’s faithful.

Even when they come up with their own solutions, He’s faithful.

Even when they forget, He’s faithful.

Thank God, He’s faithful!

God is big on remembering. Over and over in Scripture, He reminds His people of what He’s done for them. He tells them to remind one another and to tell their children. Because He doesn’t change.

When we remember what He’s done in the past, we can face the future with confidence.

His faithfulness doesn’t depend on us – it’s His nature. Thank God, He’s faithful (and patient)! Thank God He reminds me when I forget!

Here are some practical ways I’ve found to remind myself of my history with God.

  1. Blessing box. A wooden box sits on my Grandmom’s hutch in the dining room. It’s small and unassuming, but it contains our family’s greatest treasures…notes we’ve written on 3×5 cards of things we’re thankful for and of answers to prayer. There are a whole lot of cards in there because God has been unreasonably good to us.
  2. Journal. I love recording my conversations with God. Sometimes I come to Him with a jumbled mess of confused thoughts and emotions. But as I pour out my heart through pen to page, God often brings clarity. He speaks back, too, and works me through whatever situation I’m facing at the time. It’s precious to read back over those journals and remember what God has done.

How have you seen God’s faithfulness in your life? What ways have you found to remember your history with Him? I’d love to hear!

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