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Good Gifts Gone Bad

by Meredith Mills @DazzledByTheSon Sometimes you’ve got to give yourself a time out. For several months, I’ve been very intentional about writing regularly, trying to post here on a weekly basis. But last week, I chose not to write. At all. God told me not to. I had lots of work to do - A… Continue reading Good Gifts Gone Bad

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Subduing Sin

By Meredith Mills @DazzledByTheSon Why can’t I just say “no”? I was a slave, bound by my own desires and cravings. Food was my master and I regularly did its bidding. Hungry or not, it didn’t matter. Delicious food or mediocre, it didn’t matter. I couldn’t stop myself. I was powerless to change. And I… Continue reading Subduing Sin

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This Changes Everything

“Look! The virgin will conceive and bear a Son, and they will call Him Emmanuel, which means ‘God with us’” (Matt 1:23) NET. Those three words astound me. For thousands of years, God had been worshiped from afar. His holiness stood in stark contrast to mankind’s sin. A thick veil separated His earthly presence… Continue reading This Changes Everything

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We’re Free!

Theology meets daily life - what freedom in Christ means today.

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Identity Crisis

My identity is in question, and so is yours.


Apple of His Eye

"You can use my keys, Daddy," she offered in her tiny sweet voice. Our baby girl held up her plastic rainbow keys as Hubby prepared to leave for the day. Sweet. Thoughtful. Adorable. But of course, completely impractical. Hubby knew they would never start his car. But do you know what I noticed? He didn't… Continue reading Apple of His Eye


What’s the Big Deal?

What's so bad about sin? I've been pondering that question for a while (see Eternal Life Now). As Christians we are "under grace," recipients of mercy and forever favored by God. (For more on this, click here.) Through faith in Jesus, we have become God's kids. A great exchange has taken place - Jesus took… Continue reading What’s the Big Deal?


Nothing to Prove

She washed my feet that day. It was hot and dusty in Ensenada, Mexico. So many things were different from what I knew - outdoor bathrooms, eating in the open air, houses with just two rooms in them, little stores in people's homes... A completely new culture. And I loved it. I fell in love… Continue reading Nothing to Prove