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Carried Close to His Heart

“The Great I AM is not frustrated by our frailties or impatient with our humanity. Instead, he willingly takes the place of a shepherd to lead with us through our earthly journey.”


What’s the Big Deal?

What's so bad about sin? I've been pondering that question for a while (see Eternal Life Now). As Christians we are "under grace," recipients of mercy and forever favored by God. (For more on this, click here.) Through faith in Jesus, we have become God's kids. A great exchange has taken place - Jesus took… Continue reading What’s the Big Deal?


Plastic Cup in a Garbage Truck

Do you ever feel like a plastic cup in a garbage truck? You know, those days when the pressures and demands of daily life are so overwhelming you feel like you will be crushed by them? Like you just want to run away? Or go back to bed and then try to start the day… Continue reading Plastic Cup in a Garbage Truck