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A Matter of Focus

Sometimes I get distracted. Sunday night, hubby came home from a week-long business convention in Pennsylvania. We stayed busy while he was gone – the big kids went to STEM camp each day, our littlest enjoyed several play dates with her besties, and I wrote lots and lots of words. When the weekend rolled around,… Continue reading A Matter of Focus

Family, growing in Christ, ministry, parenting, serving, Uncategorized, Walking by Faith

Ministry That Doesn’t Look Like Ministry

"Alleluia. Alleluia!" The words of our song echoed through the Russian cathedral. We stood in the balcony, enraptured by the polished beauty surrounding us. We were playing tourist that day, taking time off in the middle of a mission trip to Siberia. Our team didn't plan on singing. There was no audience, at least no… Continue reading Ministry That Doesn’t Look Like Ministry


Come Close

"Don't You care that she's not helping me?" Martha's words reflected the turmoil in her soul. With so much to do, how could Mary just sit there? Did she forget about their large dinner party tonight? The food wouldn't cook itself! Martha wanted so much for everything to be perfect - the meal, the accommodations,… Continue reading Come Close


Nothing to Prove

She washed my feet that day. It was hot and dusty in Ensenada, Mexico. So many things were different from what I knew - outdoor bathrooms, eating in the open air, houses with just two rooms in them, little stores in people's homes... A completely new culture. And I loved it. I fell in love… Continue reading Nothing to Prove